The Icelandic Fishing Expo 2019, will be held in Laugardalshöll 25.-27. September 2019

Over the past few years the Icelandic fishing industry has grown considerably. Thanks to technological advances, fishing as well as processing has been revolutionized and propelled  the Icelandic fishing industry to the front line. A great number of startups have been launched and these companies have made great strides in finding new and innovative ways to exploit fish products, creating many new products for other sectors such as cosmetics, medicine, vitamins as well as handcrafted items using fish skin. Thanks to this sort of innovative and creative thinking, we are happy to say that the future of the Icelandic fishing industry is bright.

We have therefore started to orginize the second Icelandic Fishing Expo 2019, an exhibition planned and organized entirely by Icelanders as in 2016. According to both attendees and exhibitors participating in the first show. It was a great success. The aim of the show was to create a common ground for all professionals and other interested parties to discover advances and nuances within the fishing industry. Therefore the price of the exhibition space was very affordable and as well as the added benefit of giving exhibitors as many invitation passes as they did wish at no added cost. We believe that it was the key of the success. The exhibitors could send out invitation to the guests whom they wanted to visit their booth, the promotion of their products was in that way very effective.

We look forward to seeing you in 2019!


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